I often wonder how I can push some of my students to read. A lot of students nowadays dread so many things- difficult reading materials, academic reading materials, and long reading materials. As a result, they find ways in order to avoid doing too much work that will make them read. They resort to instant ways in order to complete a work, without achieving the target skills for each activity. And for reading teachers, such kind of performance among the students is not good at all.

As reading teachers, we all play the very essential role as one of the extrinsic motivators who can arouse among our students the desire to read. Admittedly, this is actually one of the hardest things to accomplish. The techniques, strategies and activities we use should carefully be evaluated as these can affect the motivation and eventually the reading performance of the students. Every activity should be designed after the skills and interest of the students in order to maximize and develop the potential skills. We should always remember a child who got a low score on one reading activity, may not necessarily be a poor-reader, he may simply be, not interested to read.

-ROGELIO ALEGRID (September 1, 2007)Image

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  2. I love The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller. She teaches elementary school, and her kids regularly read 40 books per year. Her method is fascinating!

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