WebQuest and its educational value


Education is not exempted from the growing demands of rising technology. As technology becomes more available in classrooms, it is increasingly important that new teachers be comfortable with the new uses of that technology. (Stinson 2003) To be able to maximize the potential learning accomplishments of interactive media, teachers should develop a stable foundation of the right use of technology-particularly, the World Wide Web.

Throughout the time, many educators have recognized the importance of the internet and have continuously developed ways to use the internet as an educational tool. Some of the most popular types of web-based activities are Topic Hotlist, Multimedia Scrapbook, Treasure hunt, Subject Sampler and WebQuest.

This particular study aims to present the importance of WebQuest to the development of the learning skills of the students. The process also aims to educate to set standards in evaluating sources and actual learning activities via the internet.

WHAT IS A WebQuest?

WebQuest is an inquiry activity that presents groups with a challenging task, provides access to an abundance of usually online resources and scaffolds the learning process to prompt higher order thinking. The products of WebQuests are usually then put out to the world for some real feedback. (March 1997, 2005)

WebQuest has the following sections:

1. Introduction

2. Task

3. Resources


5. Evaluation

6. Conclusion


WebQuest is definitely a relevant educational tool as it has the following points:

  • It enhances the multiple reading skills of the students. (literal, interpretive, evaluative, analysis, synthesis, application)
  • It allows cooperative learning-as the students work in a group.
  • It guides the students to achieve specific and measurable learning outcomes.
  • It develops multiple learning skills (analysis, evaluation, decision –making, creativity etc)
  • It allows the maximum and productive use of the internet as an educational tool
  • Evaluating WebQuest is similar to evaluating any learning instruction. In one particular study, we formed a group for an actual WebQuest Activity and we were guided by the Process Checklist found at http://webquest.sdsu.ede/processchecker

Sources :




Here is a sample WebQuest I prepared for Literature:

Title: Dear Kitty

Literature Lesson: The Diary of A Young Girl
(LInk: http://www.zunal.com/teacherspage.php?w=90779)

created with Zunal WebQuest Maker – FREE (http://zunal.com/index.php)










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